Closing Concert

27 October 2012, 7:00pm - 8:45pm

7pm (free): Pre-concert talk given by Natasha Loges

Songs by Franz Schubert

Stephan Loges and Susanna Andersson have both given memorable recitals at past Lieder Festivals. It will be a wonderful close to this year’s OLF to bring them together for a recital of songs by Franz Schubert, featuring settings of mythological poems by Mayrhofer, Goethe and Schiller, as well as his settings of the remarkable Schlegel brothers, whose poetry inspired some of his finest songs. This recital also appropriately looks forward to Oxford Lieder’s 2014 Festival, “The Schubert Project”.

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Antigone und Oedip, D542 (Mayrhofer)
Iphiginea, D573 (Mayrhofer)
Atys, D585 (Mayrhofer)
Die Gotter Griechenlands, D677 (Schiller)
An schwager Kronos, D369 (Goethe)
Der Musensohn, D764 (Goethe)
Ganymed, D544 (Goethe)
Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren, D360 (Mayrhofer)
Gruppe aus dem Tartarus, D583 (Schiller)
Hektors Abschied, D312 (Schiller)


Die Rose, D745 (Friedrich Schlegel)
Der Schmetterling, D633 (Friedrich Schlegel)
Die Vögel, D691 (Friedrich Schlegel)
Im Walde, D708    (Friedrich Schlegel)
Der Fluss, D693    (Friedrich Schlegel)
Sonett I, D628 (August Schlegel)
Sonett II, D629    (August Schlegel)
Sprache der Liebe, D410 (August Schlegel)
Die verfehlte Stunde, D409 (August Schlegel)
Lob der Tränen, D711 (August Schlegel)
Fülle der Liebe, D854 (Friedrich Schlegel)

This concert celebrates the memory of Kerstin Schofield, long-time friend of Oxford Lieder, and is supported by her family.

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