Cheryl Frances-Hoad announced as Associate Composer

10 May 2019

We are delighted to welcome Cheryl Frances-Hoad as Oxford Lieder's first Associate Composer. Over the next three years, Cheryl will write a number of commissioned works, beginning with two world premieres this October. We will also programme almost all of her exisisting songs and selected chamber, piano and choral works, and Cheryl will take part in various talks and seminars, giving our audience a real opportunity to get to know this brilliant composer and her wonderful songs.

Cheryl writes:

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be Oxford Lieder's Associate Composer for the next three years. Vocal writing has become an incredibly important part of my writing career, and this opportunity allows me to add major new works to my canon. I can't wait to get started on the first commission, a Baudelaire setting for Jess Dandy and Sholto Kynoch: especially exciting as this will be my first time setting a text in French!"




This October, you can catch Cheryl and/or her music at the following events:

Beowulf, Friday 11 October, 3.30pm

SongSpiel / The Thought Machine, Saturday 12 October, 10.30am

SongSpiel / The Thought Machine, Sunday 13 October, 2.30pm in Wallingford (details to follow)

Ivana Gavrić piano recital, Sunday 13 October, 5.30pm

Symposium on contemporary song, Friday 18 October, 11am

Evolution of a Song Cycle, Friday 18 October, 3.30pm

Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Friday 18 October, 5.45pm

SongSpiel / The Thought Machine, Saturday 19 October, 11am in Witney (details to follow)

French Fables, Wednesday 23 October, 1.05pm

Merton College Choir, Saturday 26 October, 4.30pm



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