by Erich Korngold From Fünf Lieder Op. 38

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English source: Traditional

Now hark, all you gallants!
Your ears I would tease,
With a song of Lord Essex
In the fight of Cadiz!
How he scuppered them Spaniards
And hacked on their spleen,
For the glory of England
And Elizabeth, our queen!

We’ve rounded the port, boys,
The cannons they roar,
The sea’s full of corpses
And Spain is no more.

They bobbed on the tide, boys,
The fat and the lean,
For the glory of England
And Elizabeth, our queen.


Erich Korngold

Erich Wolfgang Korngold was an Austrian-born composer and conductor, and a notable figure in the history of Hollywood as a composer for films. Read more here.




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