Despair - Hob XXVIa:28

by Joseph Haydn

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This song was recorded live in The Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda’s College as part of the Oxford Lieder Festival in 2006.
Click here to listen to this song performed by Sophie Daneman and Julius Drake.


Despair - Hob XXVIa:28
English source: Anne Hunter

The anguish of my bursting heart
Till now my tongue hath ne’er betray’d.
Despair at length reveals the smart;
No time can cure, no hope can aid.

My sorrows verging to the grave,
No more shall pain thy gentle breast.
Think, death gives freedom to the slave,
Nor mourn for me when I’m at rest.


Joseph Haydn

Franz Joseph Haydn was an Austrian composer of the Classical period. He was a friend and mentor of Mozart, and tutor of Beethoven. Read more here.

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