Ein Lied aus meiner Heimat

by Walter Jurmann

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A song from my homeland
English translation © Richard Stokes

My homeland, my never-forgotten homeland
And my parents’ lakeside house
Lie up there in the stars.
Lonely, I dream of those distant days
And my never-forgotten youth
That I shall never see again.

I shall never forget a song from my homeland
That my mother once sang to me.
I shall never forget a song from my homeland
That sounded to me like a fairy-tale.

My heart longs to return to my homeland,
There, where I played as a child
And felt nothing of the world’s pain.

Years passed silently by me,
And as they passed, my fever –
Called the dreams of youth – vanished.
Many who once swore friendship
Vanished along with that time,
Because life parts everything.



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