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Hamster Man

by Cheryl Frances-Hoad From The Thought Machine (2016)

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Hamster Man
English source: Kate Wakeling

He’s one-half hamster, one-half man,
he rides around in a caravan.

He’s six-foot tall with furry ears
(and 107 in hamster years).

He answers the phone with three sharp squeaks.
He stores ham sandwiches in his cheeks.

His wits are as sharp as his two front teeth
but he turns to mush when scratched beneath

his chin. Oh Hamster Man’s the real deal,
running all night on his giant wheel.

He’s one of a kind, there ain’t no clan
of rodent men, just Hamster Man.


Cheryl Frances-Hoad

Cheryl's music has been described as “like a declaration of faith in the eternal verities of composition” (The Times), with “a voice overflowing not only with ideas, but also with the discipline and artistry necessary to harness them” (The…

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