Let Me Speak of the Amusements of the Members of the Expedition

by Ross Griffey From World of Ice

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Let Me Speak of the Amusements of the Members of the Expedition
English source: Admiral John Ross

_From playbills found in the papers of Admiral John Ross (c. 1851) and from an interview in Strand magazine with Rear Admiral A. H. Markham (1895)_

I need scarcely say that observations of the highest interest and value to science were made by Admiral Markham and the other members of this expedition; but into these things it is not my intention to enter. Rather, let me speak of the amusements of the members of the expedition.

Royal Cornwallis Theatre will open on Saturday the 26th of October 1850, with a Grand Mélange Musicale, for the benefits of the community at large. Curtain to draw at 7:00 P.M.

Royal Arctic Theatre. December 23rd, 1875. Positively for the first time in latitude eighty-two, twenty-seven north Her Majesty’s servants will have the honour to perform the popular and laughable farce, entitled the Boots at the Swan. After which Her Majesty’s servants will give an operatic representation of Aladdin, or the Wonderful Scamp: A Burlesque in One Act.

Royal Arctic Theatre. H.M.S. Assistance. Last night for the season! On Friday the 28th February 1851, being the anniversary of commissioning the expedition, will be performed the grand historical drama of Charles the Twelfth. Entirely new scenery and dresses! Doors open at six o’clock. Commence at six-thirty.

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