Lord, Come Away!

by Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Iain Farrington From Four Hymns (1914)

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Lord, Come Away!
English source: Jeremy Taylor

Lord! Come away! Why dost Thou stay?
Thy road is ready; and Thy paths made straight
With longing expectation, wait
The consecration of Thy beauteous feet!

Ride on triumphantly!
Behold we lay our lusty and proud wills in Thy way!
Hosanna! Welcome to our hearts!

Lord, here Thou hast a temple too; and full as dear
As that of Sion, and as full of sin:
Nothing but thieves and robbers dwell therein;
Enter, and chase them forth, and cleanse the floor!
Crucify them that they may never more
Profane that holy place
Where thou hast chose to set Thy face!

And then, if our stiff tongues shall be
Mute in the praises of the Deity,
The stones out of the temple wall
Shall cry aloud, and call
‘Hosanna!’ and Thy glorious footsteps greet!


Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667), was a british writer.


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