Of Earth and Sky

by Ella Jarman-Pinto

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Of Earth and Sky
English source: William Wordsworth

No doubt if you in terms direct had ask’d
Whether he loved the mountains, true it is
That with blunt repetition of your words
He might have stared at you, and said that they
Were frightful to behold, but had you then
Discours’d with him in some particular sort
Of his own business, and the goings on
Of earth and sky, then truly had you seen
That in his thoughts were obscurities,
Wonders and admirations, things that wrought
Not less than a religion in his heart.

Text - William Wordsworth, discarded lines from
_Michael, a Pastoral Poem_,
as quoted in _The Shepherd’s Life_ by James Rebanks

_Oxford Lieder Festival 2021 New Commission_


Ella Jarman-Pinto

Ella Jarman-Pinto (b.1989) is a critically acclaimed composer, described by Classic FM in 2020 as ‘one of the UK’s most exciting music-makers’ and someone who 'openly challenges a lot of the long-standing preconceptions about who a composer is'.…


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