On Jessy Watsons elopment

by Richard Rodney Bennett From A Garland for Marjory Fleming

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This song was recorded live in The Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda’s College as part of the Oxford Lieder Festival in 2006.
Click here to listen to this song performed by Sophie Daneman and Julius Drake.


On Jessy Watsons elopment
English source: Marjory Fleming

Run off is Jessy Watson fair
Her eyes do sparkel, she's good hair
But Mrs. Leath you now shal be
Now and for all Eternity
Such merry spirits I do hate
But now it's over and to late
For to retract such vows you cant
And you must now love your galant
But I am sure you will repent
And your poor heart will then relent
Your poor poor father will repine
And so would I if you were mine
But now be good for this time past
And let this folly be your last

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