Shipwreck gossip [Old Biddy Brannington] 1816

by Cheryl Frances-Hoad From Six Songs of Melmoth (2020)

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Shipwreck gossip [Old Biddy Brannington] 1816
English source: Sophie Rashbrook

On the eve of Melmoth’s wedding
the ship with his bride, Elinora,
was due to arrive
but a storm whipped up in the harbour

Melmoth was watching from the cliff
when the boat crashed upon the rocks
The bodies was all swallowed up
Then, in his ear, Melmoth heard a voice:

_Will you come with me?_
_I promise deliverance_
And the poor fool agreed

Now he’s condemned to wander the earth,
independent of time and space
taking different forms,
but always, them blazing eyes

Wassat? How’d I know all this?
This old letter from Elinora
washed up in a bottle next morning
Bit of damage from the salt-water
But it’s yours
for three gold coins.


Cheryl Frances-Hoad

Cheryl's music has been described as “like a declaration of faith in the eternal verities of composition” (The Times), with “a voice overflowing not only with ideas, but also with the discipline and artistry necessary to harness them” (The…


Sophie Rashbrook

Sophie Rashbrook is a writer, librettist and opera dramaturg. 

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