Slunéčko sa zvihá

by Leoš Janáček From The Diary of One who Disappeared, (Zápisník zmizelého) (1920) 1917-1920

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Slunéčko sa zvihá
Czech source: Ozef Kalda

Slunéčko sa zvihá,
tín sa krátí.
Oh! Čeho sem pozbyl,
oh, čeho sem pozbyl,
gdo, gdo, gdo mi to navrátí?
Gdo mi to navrátí?


Leoš Janáček

Leoš Janáček was a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. He was inspired by Moravian and other Slavic folk music to create an original, modern musical style.

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