Song to the seals

by Granville Bantock

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Song to the seals
English source: Sir Harold Boulton

A sea maid sings on yonder reef,
The spell-bound seals draw near;
Her lilt that lures beyond belief
Mortals enchanted hear.

Hoiran, oiran, oiran, oiro,
Hoiran, oiran, oiran, eero,
Hoiran, oiran, oiran, eelaleuran,
Hoiran, oiran, oiran, eero.

The wond’ring ploughman halts his plough,
The maid her milking stays,
While sheep on hillside, birds on bough,
Pause and listen in amaze.

Was it a dream, were all asleep,
Or did she cease her strain?
For the seals with a splash dive into the deep
And the world goes on again,
But lingers the refrain.


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