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This song was recorded live in The Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda’s College as part of the Oxford Lieder Festival in 2006.
Click here to listen to this song performed by Sophie Daneman and Julius Drake.


Sweet Isabell
English source: Marjory Fleming

Here lies sweet Isabell in bed
Wearing a nightcap on her head
Her skin is soft her face is fair
And she has very pretty hair
She and I in bed lie nice
And undisturbed by rats or mice
She is disgusted by Mister Worgan
Although he plays upon the organ
A not of ribans on her head
Her cheak is tinged with concious red
Her nails are neat her teeth are white
Her eyes are very very bright
In a conspicuos town she lives
And to the poor her money gives
Here ends sweet Isabellas story
And may it be much to her glory

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