The sky above the roof

by Ralph Vaughan Williams

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The sky above the roof
English source: Mabel Dearmer

The sky above the roof
Is calm and sweet
A tree above the roof
Bends in the heat

A bell from out the blue
Drowsily rings
A bird from out the blue
Plaintively sings

Ah God! A life is here,
Simple and fair
Murmurs of strife are here
Lost in the air

Why dost thou weep O heart
Poured out in tears?
What hast thou done O heart,
With thy spent years?


Ralph Vaughan Williams

Ralph Vaughan Williams was an English composer. Over sixty years, he composed operas, ballets, chamber music, vocal pieces and orchestral compositions. He was strongly influenced by Tudor music and English folk-song. Information from Wikipedia.…

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