The Sound of Hidden Music

by Hubert Parry From English Lyrics (1874) 1874-1918

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The Sound of Hidden Music
English source: Julia Chatterton

The sound of hidden music,
Soft and sad and sweet,
The echo of departing steps
Along the silent street,
The message of a lovely voice
In rapture’s melody.
Ah! The things of life that touch the heart
Are those we cannot see.

The whistle of the rude March wind,
Bleak, uncouth, and cold,
The whisper of the tired leaves
When summer growth old,
The crunch of feet on the Christmas snow,
They speak unceasingly,
And forge the links that bind the chain
Of friendship’s memory.


Hubert Parry

Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, 1st Baronet was an English composer, teacher and historian of music.


Julia Chatterton

Julia Chatterton was a 19th century English poet.


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