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We warmly invite you to explore texts and translations for over 4,000 songs in this growing resource of information about composers and poets, which includes footage of performances by Oxford International Song Festival artists, and other useful resources, as well as information about reproducing our texts and translations in programmes and other publications.

This resource is not a complete library catalogue, but a database of songs performed at Oxford International Song Festival and Oxford Song events, past and present. Every year we add to the database; it is an ongoing project that we continue to improve and expand. We hope you find it useful, and if so a donation would really help us to continue expanding.

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Explore our ever growing songs database, featuring Texts & Translations for over 4,000 songs. Search by composer, poet, language and more. 

SWAP'ra - Forgotten Voices - Women in Song

This ongoing project brings together information and resources to help artists and listeners make choices about the many women who wrote great art songs.

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The international Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is the global standard for foreign language pronunciation...

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