Mastercourse Day Two

25 October 2016, 10:00am - 5:30pm

Lead tutor: Wolfgang Holzmair

Today starts with a presentation on the poetry of Heinrich Heine, given by Richard Stokes, exploring a small number of poems in great detail before working with the students over the course of the day. A particularly fascinating mastercourse session for members of the public. 

Richard Stokes

Britten Room, Headington School


1000 Talk: Heinrich Heine

1130 Sheva Tehoval (soprano) & Juliette Sabbah

1200 Oddur Jónsson (baritone) & Somi Kim

1230 Felix Kemp (baritone) & Timothy End

1300 Concert & lunch break

1430 Eirik Grøtvedt (tenor) & Eirik Haug Stømner

1500 Felicity Turner (mezzo) & Natalie Burch

1530 Michael Roemer (baritone) & Daniel Overly

1615 Harriet Burns (soprano) & Ian Tindale

1645 Lauren Lodge-Campbell (soprano) & Florent Mourier

1715 João Terleira (tenor) & Joana Resende

Wolfgang Holzmair

Purcell Room, Headington School



1130 Michael Roemer (baritone) & Daniel Overly

1200 Harriet Burns (soprano) & Ian Tindale

1230 Lauren Lodge-Campbell (soprano) & Florent Mourier

1300 Concert & lunch break

1430 João Terleira (tenor) & Joana Resende

1500 Sheva Tehoval (soprano) & Juliette Sabbah

1530 Felix Kemp (baritone) & Timothy End

1615 Oddur Jónsson (baritone) & Somi Kim

1645 Eirik Grøtvedt (tenor) & Eirik Haug Stømner

1715 Felicity Turner (mezzo) & Natalie Burch

OLF2016 Festival Flyer 3rdproof EXAGGERATED

14 October 2016 | 8:00am

The Schumann Project

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