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2. Playing with Fire

by Roxanna Panufnik From Gallery of Memories

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2. Playing with Fire
source: Jessica Duchen

The secret is:
Hold one torch in your left hand
Another in your right,
And one in the air -
Always one in the air.
Keep them moving, never stop
Watching the beauty of the flame
And keep the gleaming flare alight.
You may burn yourself - this is only
To be expected,
Particularly among absolute beginners.
Yet love that flame that burns you
And keep it alight -
Always keep it alight,
For though it scorches,
It is a thing of wonder -
And keep the torches moving
And burning - always burning -
Just a little longer.
Keep the flames alight
Just a little longer...
Please - just a little while longer.

Maybe I wouldn’t
And maybe you didn’t,
Or possibly couldn’t -
You left us behind.
Or maybe I fled us,
Escaped with the rest as
The fire was threatening,
Never entwined…

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