3. Tarantella

by Roxanna Panufnik From Gallery of Memories

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3. Tarantella
source: Jessica Duchen

Secret insignia
Swallow Rebibbia,
Lunch in Italian
Frosted with gold,
Sung for the Spanish,
Considered a marriage,
Escape in Italian,
Nothing is told.
Poetry darkening
Sleeping and chartering
All of the Venuses
Flying in stone -
Follow Persephone
Carried away to the
Sleeping enchanter
Awaiting below.
Apricot rosaries
Marmalade houses, these
Inwardly terrify
Italy's golds -
Giving and given,
A river of rhythm,
Cascading eternities,
Ever unfolds.

Once you said, long ago, to me
That someday you would snorkel out to sea
When all is over, shrouded in the waves,
And liberated, buoyant, from the staves.
If space is time, then let me flee the years
And step through…

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