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4. Neptune

by Roxanna Panufnik From Gallery of Memories

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4. Neptune
source: Jessica Duchen

I conjure him, a creature of the sea.
His eyes shine clear through deep pelagic light,
The blue that blends with vision true and free,
Emerald prismed, drifting shoals in flight
Of brilliance eternal, green and ebbing night
Where tides caress red coral and the lionfish bright.
Surfacing, there cling upon his brow
Pearled remnants of the ocean – inundate
His sea-dark hair and sun-dark skin, and now
He plunges back and merges with the wave
Among the fish, sea blossoms on the wing,
Anemones like silent summons beckoning,
And dolphins arching phosphorescent close to him.

Where will he rise? Where would I find him now?
On coral beach or fossiled shore, a bow
Of Greek Aegean, illusions in the heat -
Or oceans of my mind, their visions fleet
Unfathomable, full of leaping whales,
Sea sponges, shells and starfish of my tales?

His footprints linger, loving, on the sandy floor
Till, washed away with salt, are seen no more -
His beauty, pressed upon forgiving air
Shall ever hold, if I should seek him there.

If space is time, then let me flee the years,
And return…
And you?
Are you still there?

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