As I lay in the early sun

by Gerald Finzi From Oh Fair to See (song cycle) Op. 13b

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As I lay in the early sun
English source: Edward Shanks

As I lay in the early sun,
Stretched in the grass, I thought upon
My true love, my dear love,
Who has my heart forever
Who is my happiness when we meet,
My sorrow when we sever.
She is all fire when I do burn,
Gentle when I moody turn,
Brave when I am sad and heavy
And all laughter when I am merry.
And so I lay and dreamed and dreamed,
And so the day wheeled on,
While all the birds with thoughts like mine
Were singing to the sun.


Gerald Finzi

Gerald Raphael Finzi was a British composer. He is best known as a choral composer, but also wrote in other genres.


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