Die helle Sonne leuchtet

by Anton Rubinstein From 12 Lieder des Mirza-Schaffy Op. 34

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Die helle Sonne leuchtet
German source: Mirza Shaffy Vazeh, trans. Bodenstead

Die helle Sonne leuchtet
Auf's weite Meer hernieder,
Und alle Wellen zittern
Von ihrem Glanze wieder.

Du spiegelst Dich, wie die Sonne,
Im Meere meiner Lieder!
Sie alle glühn und zittern
Von Deinem Glanze wieder!


Anton Rubinstein

Anton Rubinstein was a Russian pianist and composer, perhaps best known for founding the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. The Moscow Conservatory was founded by his younger brother, Nikolai Rubinstein. He gained fame as virtuoso pianist, and for his…


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