Kritiku, 'To a critic'

by Dmitri Shostakovich From Satirï, 'Satires' (1960) Op. 109

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Kritiku, 'To a critic'
Russian source: Sasha Chorny

Kritiku. Kogda poet, opisïvaya damu, nachnyot:
‘Ya shla po ulitse. V boka
vpilsya korset,’—

Zdes´ ‘Ya’ ne ponimay, konechno, pryamo—
Chto, mol, pod damoyu.
skrïvayetsya poet

Ya istinu tebe podruzheski otkroyu:
Poet-muzhchina i dazhe s borodoyu.


Dmitri Shostakovich

Dmitri Shostakovich was a Russian composer and pianist. He achieved fame in the Soviet Union, although later developed a more complex and difficult relationship with the government. As a composer, he combined a variety of different musical…


Sasha Chorny

Alexander Mikhailovich Glikberg (better known as Sasha Chorny 13 October 1880 – 5 July 1932), was a Russian poet, satirist and children's writer.

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