1. Raindrop Prelude

by Roxanna Panufnik From Gallery of Memories

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1. Raindrop Prelude
English source: Jessica Duchen

With softness still of quiet, tender pain,
Let us breathe the beauty in the rain;
Together, artist, poet, lover, child,
We mourn a legacy of life defiled.
The rain must heal, or love cannot be sound -
Or sound itself expressing all you found
Within the harsh inheritance of fright
Where nothing true but sorrow wrapped you tight,
Where loving arms had used you for their ends,
An urchin starved of tenderness and friends.
Beloved artist, poet, lover, child,
Come dance with me, no longer be defiled.
I know your pain too well; you are myself -
Reborn together, let us find
At last
Our honest, loving, vital human wealth.

The frame is wood,
Preserving preservation,
As you reach out,
Always one flame in the air,
Reach out and touch…

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