Was du mir bist?

by Erich Korngold From Drei Lieder (1930) Op. 22 Three songs composed 1831-39

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What you are to me?
English translation © Uri Liebrecht

What you are to me? The sight of land,
A stand of fruit-laden trees,
Flowers in bloom at the water’s edge.

What you are to me? The sparkle of stars
that breaks through the cloud,
The distant ray of light that through the
darkness says:
Traveller, don’t lose heart!

And even if my life was one of resignation,
Where no good fortune came my way,
What you are to me? Need you ask?
What you are to me: my faith in happiness.

Translation © Uri Liebrecht (


Erich Korngold

Erich Wolfgang Korngold was an Austrian-born composer and conductor, and a notable figure in the history of Hollywood as a composer for films. Read more here.

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