by Hedwige Chrétien

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'Fanatisme' performed by Sophie Bevan & Anna Tilbrook as part of the Forgotten Voices lecture-recital series, curated by Kitty Whately and Natasha Loges, and produced in collaboration with SWAP'ra (Supporting Women and Parents in Opera). Filmed by TallWall Media, at Trinity College, Oxford, as part of the Oxford Lieder Spring Song Festival 2022.

Text & Translation

French source: Robert Damorés

Original text by Robert Damorès (1875-1961) in copyright.

English translation © Natasha Loges

I have only truly lived since your kiss,
I no longer know anything of what my life was,
The past is for me the thing one forgets,
It is the childhood of the heart that a nothing could amuse.
Everything that was before now I ignore,
I don’t know anything any more, except that I adore you.

The present is for me the moments of tenderness
Where my loving heart, wrapping itself in intoxication,
Knows how to embrace your charm in your arms and get drunk on it!
I have only one thought: to evoke your smile,
And only one happiness: to love you and to tell you!

The future is for me a fatal unknown
That at your whim you’ll make hellish or heavenly,
Depending on whether your will is to abuse me
Do you see, my only wish in hours of distress,
Will be to rediscover love in your caress:
I have only really lived since your kiss!

French source: Robert Damorés

English source: Natasha Loges

Original text by Robert Damorès (1875-1961) in copyright.
I have only truly lived since your kiss,


Hedwige Chrétien

Study event exploring the life and work of Hedwige Chrétien.Filmed in 2022 by TallWall Media.  COMPOSER BIOGRAPHY Little is known about Hedwige Chrétien at the time of writing. She was born in Compiègne and her maternal grandfather, Jules…


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