Indian Summer – Blue

by Jake Heggie From Natural Selection (1997)

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Indian Summer – Blue
English source: Gini Savage

When I was sixteen I had a red hot Chevy
Bucket seats, white top, the steering not too heavy
I loved that car like a child loves a pony
shoe-blacked its tires
my freedom to ride
Now I am Bluebeard’s wife
I’d rather be Sleeping Beauty
“Honey, don’t open that door,” he says
though he gave me a master key
and I’ve peeked through the keyhole
always a guard on duty
a red light and odor of rusty gardenia
slips out from under the door
no bushes grow in the garden
a saint’s blood smells of roses
Blue was married before at least three times
no family portraits and I don’t ask
It’s so hot
I get tired here in the east
I could doze away the days
Blue thinks I’m too fat
too this
too that
Mama says
Curiosity killed...
the Cat may well undo me.


Jake Heggie

Jake Heggie is an American composer. Read more here.

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