Weep you no more

by Roger Quilter From Seven Elizabethan Lyrics (1908) Op. 12

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Weep you no more
English source: Anon.

Weep you no more, sad fountains;
What need you flow so fast?
Look how the snowy mountains
Heaven’s sun doth gently waste!
But my Sun’s heavenly eyes
View not your weeping,
That now lies sleeping,
Softly now, softly lies

Sleep is a reconciling,
A rest that peace begets;
Doth not the sun rise smiling
When fair at even he sets?
Rest you, then, rest, sad eyes!
Melt not in weeping,
While she lies sleeping,
Softly now, softly lies


Roger Quilter

Roger Cuthbert Quilter was an English composer, known particularly for his songs.



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