Charlie Bo Meijering

Charlie Bo Meijering


Charlie Bo Meijering (Amsterdam, 1987) is a pianist and visual artist. He studied classical piano and carillon at the conservatory of Utrecht. Regularly, he performs at the Concertgebouw, The Dutch National Opera and Tivoli Vredenburg. He toured through the Netherlands performing The Magic Piano. Also, he is the fixed pianist in the TV show Maestro since 2016.

As a visual artist, he makes life-sized projections for 'Music, Imagination and the Brain' (2015) by Erik Scherder and Katia Veekmans.

​Charlie Bo forms a fixed duo with baritone Vincent Kusters. With him he won the Friends of the IVC prize (2019), the Johann-Max-Bötttcher-Preis (2021) for the best Lied duo and the Young Artists Platform (2021), also for the best Lied duo. They perform in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and France.

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