4. The Nixie of the Mill-Pond: Clara Barbier Serrano & Joanna Kacperek

21 April 2023, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Music by Robert and Clara Schumann, Purcell and Debussy.

Clara Barbier Serrano and Joanna Kacperek have chosen The Nixie of the Mill-pond as their tale around which to build their programme. They write:

Two women weave the story of this tale together : they are responsible for the kidnapping of a young hunter, the despair of his wife and their destiny. Why do witches, nixies, lorelei do what they do? We take a musical journey unwrapping the story from the points of view of these two magical women, their experiences, choices and hopes. Through the symbols of the full moon, dreams, a comb, a flute and a spinning wheel, the tale not told emerges: a reflection on beauty, creation, music and friendship.

This programme includes songs by Robert and Clara Schumann, Purcell, and Debussy, as well as Spanish and Argentinian folksongs.

  • Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856)
  • Waldesgespräch (1840) Op. 39 no.3 1–20.v & 22.vi.1840 from Liederkreis
  • Ingeborg Bronsart von Schellendorf (1840 - 1913)
  • Die Loreley (1841) S273
  • Clara Schumann (1819 - 1896)
  • Lorelei (1843)

21 April 2023 | 11:55am

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