Phil Muil

Tai chi

Phil Muil runs the Oxford School of Taijiquan & Quigong, and has been praticing the art of Taiji (tai chi) since 1987. In 2017 Phil was honoured to be accepted as a 13th Generation disciple of Master Chen Bing, which was formalised in a ceremony in Chen village in 2018.

He initially trained under Richard Druitt (Cheng Man-ching Yang Style) and Karel & Eva Koskuba (Classical Yang style and Chen style). He has visited China multiple times, studying with some of the top masters in the world today: Chen Xiaowang, Chen Bing, Chen Xiaoxing, Du Xianming, Chen Yingjun, Chen Zhiqiang, Yao Chengguang, Feng Zhiqiang & Wang Haoda.

Phil has been attending retreats and studying meditation at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery since 1990. He is also a qualified Mediator and worked in this capacity for several years. Both of these are a strong influence in his approach to studying & teaching Taiji.

Updated: October 2023

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