Sherry Robinson

With a background in performing arts, Sherry Robinson is a musician and composer whose sensitivity for the human response to narrative gives rise to the exquisite drama and subtle emotion of her music. 

From the 1980s to 90s Sherry worked as a musician with singer-songwriters, performance artists, poets, dancers and actors, in numerous London based galleries, theatres & alternative spaces including Whitechapel, Riverside and Chisenhale galleries. She was a member of London Musicians Collective; she performed in bands; worked with improvised music, and in ensembles of folk traditional music, from the British Isles, Scandinavia, France and Latin America.

Sherry's work with performance storytelling began in earnest in 1996, when she formed a partnership with performance storyteller Xanthe Gresham, which led to 10 years of collaborative work, devising music for myths, legends, epics, folk tales and riddles, for performances in festivals, schools, theatres, museums, galleries and libraries throughout England, Wales and Ireland. Sherry first worked with Ben Haggarty to create and perform Beauty and the Beast in 2002, with the performance premiering at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival. In the mid 2000s Sherry worked as a musician for Playback Theatre and for a number of installation artists. She worked with storyteller Hugh Lupton composing music for his piece Song Speak, and recorded with Nick Hennessey on his CD A Rare Hunger. Grim Grimms was commissioned by the Unicorn Children's Theatre in 2011 and by 2013 it had become a full-blown production for adults.

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