Mahdis Golzar Kashani


Mahdis Golzar Kashani


Mahdis Golzar Kashani was born in 1984 in Tehran. At the age of six she began piano lessons. Because of the unstable social and political atmosphere in Iran, Mahdis majored in electronic engineering in 2009. But meanwhile she studied music with different masters. She learned musicianship from Haynoush Makarian and Tamara Dolidze, and she learned theoretical materials and composition from Mehran Rohani. Then she took the entrance examination and entered Sooreh Art University in Tehran and mastered in composition in 2012.

She has presented her works in the US and several European countries including Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, England and Ukraine. She has also had performances in Latin American countries and East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. And she has managed to obtain residency as a musician and a researcher in various European countries several times. She has also won a number of precious awards from the US, England and Ukraine, Italy, Mexico. Of her other achievements we can mention the commissions from Luca School of Arts, campus Lemmensinstituut (Belgium), Young Soloist of Belgium National Symphony Orchestra (NOB)(Belgium), and 4020 Festival (Austria), Meloslogos Festival (Germany), Hermes ensemble (Belgium), Heidelberger Frühling festival (2017,2021), Babylon Orchestra, (Germany), Hypercube ensemble (USA), Oxford International Song Festival (England), Hope Ensemble (France), and SIPA festival (Indonesia).

She has tackled and mastered a range of musical genres, from classical to film music and background music. She has experimented with different ensembles including solo, chamber, orchestral, vocal pieces and opera.

Song List

This list is likely to be of songs that have been performed at Oxford International Song Festivals and Oxford Song events, and may not be comprehensive of this composer's compositions. This database is ever growing as a work in progress, with further songs regularly being added.

Astonishment Mahdis Golzar Kashani
Elegance Mahdis Golzar Kashani
Heart Snatcher Mahdis Golzar Kashani
Light Mahdis Golzar Kashani
Love Mahdis Golzar Kashani
Sorrow Mahdis Golzar Kashani
The Phoenix (2020) Mahdis Golzar Kashani
Wisdom Mahdis Golzar Kashani

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