Charles d'Orléans


Charles d'Orléans

1394 - 1465

Charles of Orléans was Duke of Orléans from 1407 and prominent medieval poet.

Song List

This list is likely to be of songs that have been performed at Oxford International Song Festivals and Oxford Song events, and may not be comprehensive of this composer's compositions. This database is ever growing as a work in progress, with further songs regularly being added.

Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder! (1898) L99 Claude Debussy
Priez pour paix (1938) FP 95 Francis Poulenc
Quand je fus pris au pavillon Reynaldo Hahn
Quant j'ai ouy le tabourin (1908) L99 Claude Debussy
Rondel I (1904) L115 Claude Debussy
Rondel II (1904) L115 Claude Debussy
Yver, vous n'estes qu'un villain (1898) L99 Claude Debussy

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