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George Crumb


George Crumb

1929 - 2022
Song List

This list is likely to be of songs that have been performed at Oxford International Song Festivals and Oxford Song events, and may not be comprehensive of this composer's compositions. This database is ever growing as a work in progress, with further songs regularly being added.

Apparition (1979) George Crumb
Dance of the moon in Santiago George Crumb
I. The Night in Silence Under Many a Star (1979) George Crumb
II. When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd (1979) George Crumb
III. Dark Mother Always Gliding Near with Soft Feet (1979) George Crumb
IV. Approach Strong Deliveress! (1979) George Crumb
Let It Be Forgotten (1947) George Crumb
Night (1947) George Crumb
Three Early Songs (1947) George Crumb
V. Come Lovely and Soothing Death (1979) George Crumb
VI. The Night in Silence Under Many a Star (1979) George Crumb
Vocalise I. Summer Sounds (1979) George Crumb
Vocalise II. Invocation (1979) George Crumb
Vocalise III. Death Carol (1979) George Crumb
Wind Elegy (1947) George Crumb

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