Schütz, Christian Wilhelm von


Schütz, Christian Wilhelm von

1776 - 1847

Schütz was, among other things, a minor romantic writer, who first became famous as a playwright (with Lacrimas, in 1802). A friend of Ludwig Tieck, he translated from 1822 Casanova's Histoire de ma vie for the 12-volume German edition of the famous memoirs. He wrote extensively on political and philosophical topics, earning the attention of Joseph Goebbels. From 1842 to 1846 he was the editor of the Catholic magazine Anticelsus.

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Song List

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Lied der Delphine ‘Delphine’ (1825) D857 Franz Schubert
Lied des Florio ‘Florio’ (1825) D857 Franz Schubert

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