Nikolai Medtner


Nikolai Medtner

1880 - 1951

Nikolai Karlovich Medtner (5 January 1880 [O.S. 24 December 1879] – 13 November 1951) was a Russian composer and pianist. Although he fell into relative obscurity after his death, he now recognised as one of the most significant Russian composers for the piano. His works include fourteen piano sonatas, three violin sonatas, three piano concerti, a piano quintet, two works for two pianos, many shorter piano pieces, and a few shorter works for violin and piano.

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Song List

This list is likely to be of songs that have been performed at Oxford International Song Festivals and Oxford Song events, and may not be comprehensive of this composer's compositions. This database is ever growing as a work in progress, with further songs regularly being added.

7 Songs on Poems by Pushkin Op. 52 Nikolai Medtner
Allegretto (1912) Op. 27 no.1 Nikolai Medtner
Elfenliedchen Op. 6 no.3 Nikolai Medtner
Glückliche Fahrt (1907) Op. 15 no.8 Nikolai Medtner
Meeresstille (1876) Op. 15 no.7 Nikolai Medtner
Sonate-Ballade (1912) Op. 27 1912-1914 Nikolai Medtner
Voron, 'The Raven' Op. 52 Nikolai Medtner

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