Elisabeth Kulmann


Elisabeth Kulmann

1808 - 1825

Elisabeth Kulmann was Russian, German and Italian poet and translator.

She was born in the Russian Empire in a large family of Boris Fedorovich, and Mary (née Rosenberg) Kulmann, of German origin. Father, collegiate councilor and a retired captain, died early. The family lived on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg. As a child, she has shown phenomenal philological abilities, learning ancient and modern languages under the direction of Karl Grosgeynrikh.

Fluent in 11 languages, she wrote over 1,000 poems before her death at age 17. Robert Schumann considered her a wunderkind and set some of her poems to music including "Mailied" ["May Song"] and "An den Abendstern" ["To the Evening Star"].

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Song List

This list is likely to be of songs that have been performed at Oxford International Song Festivals and Oxford Song events, and may not be comprehensive of this composer's compositions. This database is ever growing as a work in progress, with further songs regularly being added.

An den Abendstern (1851) Op. 103 no.4 30.v.1851 Robert Schumann
An die Nachtigall (1851) Op. 103 no.3 30.v.1851 Robert Schumann
Der Zeisig (1851) Op. 104 no.4 29.v– 5.vi.1851 Robert Schumann
Die letzten Blumen starben (1851) Op. 104 no.6 29.v– 5.vi.1851 Robert Schumann
Du nennst mich armes Mädchen (1851) Op. 104 no.3 29.v– 5.vi.1851 Robert Schumann
Frühlingslied (1851) Op. 103 no.2 30.v.1851 Robert Schumann
Gekämpft hat meine Barke (1851) Op. 104 no.7 29.v– 5.vi.1851 Robert Schumann
Mailied (1851) Op. 103 no.1 30.v.1851 Robert Schumann
Mond, meiner Seele Liebling (1851) Op. 104 no.1 29.v– 5.vi.1851 Robert Schumann
Reich mir die Hand, o Wolke (1851) Op.104 no.5 29.v– 5.vi.1851 Robert Schumann
Viel Glück zur Reise, Schwalben! (1851) Op. 104 no.2 29.v– 5.vi.1851 Robert Schumann

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