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Nikolaus Lenau


Nikolaus Lenau

1802 - 1850

Nikolaus Lenau was the nom de plume of Nikolaus Franz Niembsch Edler von Strehlenau, a German-language Austrian poet.

He was born at Schadat, now Lenauheim, Romania, then in Hungary. His father, a Habsburg government official, died in 1807 in Budapest, leaving his children in the care of their mother, who remarried in 1811. In 1819 Nikolaus went to the University of Vienna; he subsequently studied Hungarian law at Pozsony (Bratislava) and then spent the next four years qualifying himself in medicine. Unable to settle down to any profession, he began writing verse. The disposition to sentimental melancholy inherited from his mother, stimulated by disappointments in love and by the prevailing fashion of the romantic school of poetry, descended into gloom after his mother's death in 1829.

Soon afterwards, however, a legacy from his grandmother enabled him to devote himself wholly to poetry. His first published poems appeared in 1827, in Johann Gabriel Seidl's Aurora. In 1831 he moved to Stuttgart, where he published a volume of Gedichte (1832) dedicated to the Swabian poet, Gustav Schwab. He also made the acquaintance of Ludwig Uhland, Justinus Kerner, Karl Mayer and others. His restless spirit longed for change, and he determined to seek peace and freedom in America.

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Song List

This list is likely to be of songs that have been performed at Oxford International Song Festivals and Oxford Song events, and may not be comprehensive of this composer's compositions. This database is ever growing as a work in progress, with further songs regularly being added.

Abendbild Op. 10 no.3 Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel
Abendbilder Hugo Wolf
An die Entfernte Op. 71 no.3 Felix Mendelssohn
An*** (O, wag es nicht) (1877) Hugo Wolf
Auf der Wanderschaft Op. 71 no.5 Felix Mendelssohn
Da liegt der Feinde gestreckte Schar (1851) Op. 117 no.4 17–18.iii.1851 Robert Schumann
Den grünen Zeigern (1851) Op. 117 no.3 17–18.iii.1851 Robert Schumann
Der Husar, trara! (1851) Op. 117 no.1 17–18.iii.1851 Robert Schumann
Der leidige Frieden (1851) Op. 117 no.2 17–18.iii.1851 Robert Schumann
Der schwere Abend (1850) Op. 90 no.6 1–5.viii.1850 Robert Schumann
Die drei Zigeuner (1860) S.320 Franz Liszt
Die Sennin (1850) Op. 90 no.4 1–5.viii.1850 Robert Schumann
Die Sennin Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel
Einsamkeit (1850) Op. 90 no.5 1–5.viii.1850 Robert Schumann
Frage nicht (1879) Hugo Wolf
Frühlingsgedränge Op. 26 no.1 Richard Strauss
Frühlingsgrüsse (1851) 17.iii.1851 Hugo Wolf
Frühlingsgrüsse (1851) 17.iii.1851 Robert Schumann
Frühlingslied (1845) Op. 47 no.3 Felix Mendelssohn
Herbst (1878) Hugo Wolf
Herbstentschluss (1879) Hugo Wolf
Kommen und Scheiden (1850) Op. 90 no.3 1–5.viii.1850 Robert Schumann
Liebesfrühling (Ich sah den Lenz einmal) (1876) Hugo Wolf
Lied eines Schmiedes (1850) Op. 90 no.1 1–5.viii.1850 Robert Schumann
Meeresstille (1876) Hugo Wolf
Meine Rose (1850) Op. 90 no.2 1–5.viii.1850 Robert Schumann
Nächtliche Wanderung (1878) Hugo Wolf
O wärst du mein! (1891) Op. 26 no.2 Richard Strauss
Scheideblick (1840) Op. 10 no.5 Josephine Lang
Scheideblick (1876) Hugo Wolf
Schilflied (1846) WN445 Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel
Schilflied (1907) Alban Berg
Schilflied Op. 71 no.4 Felix Mendelssohn
Stille Sicherheit (1876) Hugo Wolf
Traurige Wege (1877) Hugo Wolf
Vorwurf Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel

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